Gotv LATEST Decoder Replacement Remote

This is multichoice Gotv remote control unit works with all Gotv decoder, it work with all old and new decoder series.

The Gotv Remote Control can be used to replace your broken or lost remote control. There is no need to reprogram it. It functions in the same way as the remote control that comes with the decoder. The decoder is strong, durable, reliable portable Parental Guidance – Allows you to specify the permitted viewing.

Power Button: This button is used to turn off or turn on the decoder.

ALT: This button takes you back to the most recent channel: the last channel you viewed before changing to the present channel.

Shift: When used with ALT (Shift + ALT), this button can be used to change screen orientation (size and shape).

Available orientations are Letterbox and Cropped.

TVTV Guide: Shows the programs schedule for the channel you are watchingLanguage: Displays the decoder language in use.

Mute: The mute button is used to abruptly turn off/on system sound.

Info: Pressing the info button once displays information: the current channel, program and the next program with time. This information is displayed at the bottom with an info plate (i-plate). Pressing it twice displays information about the selected program on the i-plate

Exit: Exits the active menu option

Up: Used in navigating up, mostly when selecting menu options.Right: Used in navigating RightOK: Used to confirm a selected option

Left: Used in navigating

leftDown: Used in navigating downV+/V- : This button (+ and – sections) is used to control (Increase and Reduce)

System soundP+/P- : Used to change channels – Forward (+1) or Backward (-1)

Utility: Red, Blue, White, Yellow and Green coloured buttons. These buttons are useless on their own. They are used to carry out specific commands as indicated on the screen. While using TV guide, you may find an option or command next to a specific colour. To activate such commands, you have to press the coloured button on you gotv remote control that matches the colour on the screen.

Numbers: 0 – 9Menu: Displays the menuHelpUp/Right/Down/Left: Display the list of channels on you decoder.Shift + Language: Opens Parental Control. It is a shortcut




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