NasoRelief spray


What are pains?

In natural health, pains and inflammations result from energy stasis and blockages in the body. Pains and other kinds of discomforts are not your enemy. They only serve as informants that alert you to dangers within your body system so you can give them attention.

For this reason, Puraflex nano relief spray is designed to deal with all kinds of pain. Puraflex naso relief spray breaks the blockages and smoothens the energy flow thereby disappearing any form of pain in the body.

The effect of Puraflex naso relief spray is felt within 1 minute of application.

From usage, Paraflex nanospray has proved effective in dealing with blocked noses, headaches, body pains, pains in the spinal cord, etc



  • Instantly relieves pains
  • Tackles nasal congestion (blocked nose)

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