400,000 500,000
per year

*a* ) Roomself Contain at Anthony Village
For tenant willing to pay for one and half years rent, 400k per year. OR;
For tenant willing to pay for 1 year rent, 500k per year
*b* ) Roomself (New house) @ Showunmi street after Popoola street before Ladylak 500k 1 year rent.
*c* ) Miniflat (New house)@ same place as no b above 900k per year.☝️
DM: WhatsApp: +2348055258067
Email: olugbenlefemi@gmail.com


  • Category: Apartments & Flats
  • Adress: olugbenlefemi@gmail.com
  • Appt Size: Different sizes
  • Bed : Applicable
  • Bath: Applicable
  • Toilet: Applicable


8 Igbehinadun street Lagos ,100233,Shomolu,Lagos

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